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Mulch and Pallets: A Connected Life-Cycle

Wooden pallets can be recycled many times over. At some point though their cargo-carrying days are over. However, that is not the end of the line. It is actually the beginning of a new life cycle for a different product: hardwood mulch.

Art Underfoot-A Texas Story of Upcycled Pallets

Wooden pallets are typically the vehicle transporting products globally or locally. They carry products large and small – automobiles, tractors, building materials, pharmaceuticals, iPads, Smart phones, produce and other consumer goods.

ReThink Pallets

It took B sq. Design just 105 pallets, each 5” high, 40” wide and 48” long, to create the ultimate pallet garden for their annual installation at the Canada Blooms festival.

9 National Parks To Visit This Fall

9 National Parks To Visit This Fall Many forest explorers tend to favor summer when exploring national parks. Visits to these mesmerizing parks can however be glorious in autumn as well.  The landscapes tend to be much richer in spectacle displays of vibrant fall colors.  Fall is an ideal time to visit national parks for […]

Benefits of Community-based Natural Resource Management

Benefits of Community-based Natural Resource Management It was in 1997 that the Community-based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) project was established in Mozambique Africa, for the purpose of empowering local communities to assume some level of control over how their environments would be managed. This literally constituted a shift in power away from the central government, […]

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