9 National Parks To Visit This Fall

9 National Parks To Visit This Fall

Many forest explorers tend to favor summer when exploring national parks. Visits to these mesmerizing parks can however be glorious in autumn as well.  The landscapes tend to be much richer in spectacle displays of vibrant fall colors.  Fall is an ideal time to visit national parks for those that aren’t too keen on hot weather and for those that love to gawk at glorious landscapes.  It is especially a good time for photographers that are looking for some vibrant landscape shots.  Here are nine of the most beautiful national parks in the United States to visit in the fall.

Denali National Park – Alaska

This 6 million acre park offers visitors lots of enjoyment.  Even though you might not be able to enjoy quite as much activities during fall there is still much to do.  You can enjoy quad biking, hiking, take scenic air tours, fishing expeditions and if you can bare the cold you can even give rafting a try.  But what is truly amazing is the gorgeous scenery during fall since the wilderness trails are covered with deep reds, oranges and yellows as a result of autumn’s whimsical charm.

Glacier National Park – Montana

The National Park Service of Glacier National Park claims that fall is one of the best times to visit this gorgeous area for two reasons. First, you can enjoy uncrowded and quitter exploring and excursions.  Second, because a natural phenomenon where the trees in the west of the park will begin changing color mid-September where those on the west side of the park start changing color much later in the month.

Acadia National Park – Maine

Mid-October is the time where you can truly explore and marvel at Acadia National Parks wilderness because this is the time where fall is at its ripest and when colors are most flamboyant.  Acadia National Park is also a superb place for bird watchers and visitors can enjoy superb mountain trails and even horseback riding.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park – North Carolina

This national park starts showing off its fall colors in mid-September and you can enjoy the most extravagant scenes around mid-October.  You can also combine lots of other activities in your fall trip like lake paddling, waterfall spotting, hiking trails and more.

Mt. Rainier National Park – Washington

This national park is superb during fall for two reasons; you can explore the Mt. Rainer volcanoes and you can enjoy glorious fall scenery in bright oranges and yellows during mid-October to November.

Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado

Want to catch the Rocky Mountain National Park’s fall at its peak?  Then the best time to visit is during mid to late October.  You may even hear some serious head-butting contests from Bighorn sheep and it is a perfect place for mountain trailing.

Shenandoah National Park – Virginia

The hiking trails in this park are an absolute must around mid-October because this is when you can explore the brightest fall colors.  You can also catch the best landscape shots if you are into photography.

Yosemite National Park – California

Yosemite National Park is most popular for its gigantic sequoia trees.  The best time to explore these trees in glorious fall shades is during the first quarter of fall.

Zion National Park – Utah

If you love waterfalls and hanging gardens, then Zion National Park will definitely ignite your senses. This is also one of the most vibrant parks during fall.

Many park visitors focus way too much on summer and summer activities.  They miss out on the most dramatic and breathtaking landscape views and wilderness displays that these wonderful parks have to offer.  Fall is definitely a good time to explore some of these top national parks.

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