Finding Pallets for DIY Projects

Finding Pallets for DIY Projects

In the United States its estimated that there are more than 4 billion pallets in circulation yet about 100 million still end up in landfills. One growing trend that has helped keep pallets out of landfills is using them for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Pinterest is flooded with creative ideas to inspire alternative uses for wood pallets. People make things like planter boxes and shelves and even using recycled pallet boards to make beautiful custom home flooring, as featured in our post Pallets Inspire New Markets, New Products.

Where to Find DIY Pallets

Natures-Packaging-DIYThe most widely used pallet size in the industry is the 48×40 but there are hundreds of other custom-sized pallets in circulation every day that are thrown away near dumpsters. These usually make for great DIY projects. However, with its growing popularity, finding free pallets has become challenging and people are starting to source them from other ways. In fact, because they’re in such short supply, folks have started contacting their local pallet companies to buy pallets for their DIY projects.

People are finding that some wood pallet companies sell to the public and they’re excited to sell pallets to the DIY community. For them, it’s fun and it’s a great way to sell older, unwanted inventory especially if it takes up valuable storage space. One pallet company in California went as far as to open a new product line, using his resources to manufacture and sell finished DIY Christmas trees made from pallets. On the other hand, some companies have minimum order quantities for pallet orders because as wholesalers, they’re not equipped to sell to the public.

One thing pallet and crating companies can get behind is that finding alternative, creative uses for pallets is good because keeps them out of landfills and that’s good for the environment. It’s a fun way to help mother nature. There are many tools accessible online that will help you find the pallets you need for your DIY project.

Contact your local pallet company and ask if they sell to the DIY community. Below are some resources that will help:

Disassembling pallets for DIY projects can be dangerous. Remember to wear personal protective equipment to prevent injury. Instructions on how to safely dismantle a pallet are listed below, courtesy of the Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association. For the color of your finished product to really stand out, it’s advised that you pressure wash the pallet with water and use sandpaper to remove impurities. Follow Nature’s Packaging on Pinterest today for inspiration and ideas on do-it-yourself pallet and crate projects!


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